Montclairians are helping to save the bees

Apiaries are being welcomed at public and community gardens in Montclair to help rejuvenate the honey bee population and pollinate the fruit and vegetable gardens planted there.

Montclairians spend the weekend cleaning up their parks for Earth Day

This past weekend, April 24 and 25, over 400 Montclair residents came out to 15 parks and green spaces across all four wards to celebrate Montclair Earth Day Parks Appreciation Weekend. 

Getting your thumb to go green (Gardening for Life)

If you are one those people who say, “Every plant I touch dies,” stop blaming yourself!

Volunteers will clean Montclair parks for Earth Day

The multi-site cleanup effort will cap off a week of activities aimed at educating Montclair residents about being stewards of their local environment.

The red fox: Montclair’s cutest carnivore (What’s in Your Backyard)

By DAVID WASMUTH For Montclair LocalSly and cunning are two common descriptors. It has even given us the term “outfox.” It’s hard to think of another animal so associated with intelligent deception, but does the...

The growing season is here, so get going (Gardening for Life)

Gardening has become more important than ever. Few activities have been better for managing the stress and depression caused by this crisis. 

Programs to help Montclairians jump-start their gardens

As gardening is regaining popularity, two groups are offering sustainable and organic ways to make your garden grow.  

Creating appealing garden beds for wildlife (What’s in Your Backyard)

Attracting humans is relatively simple and amounts to planning a party with hors d’oeuvres and wine. However, attracting wildlife such as birds requires more planning, consideration and attention to detail. 

Small steps, big help for the environment (Gardening for Life)

You still have the opportunity to be part of the solution for the good of your family, your community, our nation and the world.

Lets plant the seeds of the future (Gardening for Life)

When this crisis is over, let’s cherish the beauty of “normal," Jose German says.