Gardening for life: home-growing a national park

Making a a “Homegrown National Park” can create space for nature far greater than the total area of all our national parks, writes Jose German.

Gardening for life: vegetable and flower gardens make exceptional spring

Gardens can help with the traumatic stress of the pandemic. Plant vegetable and flower gardens for a beautiful spring, writes Jose German.
Victory Garden

The Victory Garden comes back: and how-to

The Victory Garden is sprouting up everywhere, as food safety becomes a bigger issues. Here's a history and instructions on how to make one.

Gardening for life: during the time COVID-19

Rather than feeling like a prisoner at home, make your outdoor space an open classroom, writes Jose German in the latest "Gardening for Life."
garden club

Robin’s Nest: Botanical arts lift hearts, at the Garden Club

Before the social distancing mandate , Robin Woods learned about gardening projects at The Garden Club of Montclair. Are you gardening?

Gardening for Life: Time to re-engineer?

If you look out the window and do not like what you see, it may be time to re-engineer your garden, writes Jose German in the latest 'Gardening for Life.'

Gardening for life: fighting climate change

In his latest "Gardening for Life," Jose German, founder of the Northeast Earth Coalition, discusses what people can do to fight climate change.

Gardening for life: Wrapping up gardening season

Now is the season to plan for the spring and summer, writes Jose German in the latest "Gardening for Life." And don't forget: "Leave the leaves!"

MHS students plant for the community

Montclair High School students are giving back to the community with a garden in Rand Park. They are hosting a Fall Festival on Nov. 21.

Gardening for Life: Connecting with nature

Connecting to nature can bring peace into your life, writes Jose German in "Gardening for Life." Mother Nature is the universe's Master Gardener, he says!