French toast

Montclair Eats: French toast around town

Steven DeSalvo eats a classic brunch staple.

Recipe of the Month: easy marinated lamb

Grilling is great in the summer, writes Steven DeSalvo.

Montclair Eats: soup for the soul, in cold weather

A bowl of hot soup satisfies a wintry soul.

Recipe of the month: S’more for me please!

All s'mores are good. Make your own marshamallows and see what happens.

Montclair Eats: Pizza by the slice

By STEVEN DESALVO for Montclair LocalAre you hungry? To make a suggestion for Montclair Eats, email on only three slices of pizza in the entire town of Montclair is incredibly challenging.There are many great...

In brief: Peach day this Saturday at the farmers’ market

The Montclair Farmers’ Market is hosting a “Peach Party” this week, on Saturday, Aug. 10.

Brief: Montclair Farmers’ Market open in winter

The Montclair Farmers’ Market is open all year at the Walnut Street train station. Though there are fewer vendors in winter, they write, there is still a large variety of items for sale: “On...
Montclair Eats

Montclair Eats: Eggs: Deserving of more than one column

By STEVEN DeSALVO for Montclair LocalIn Montclair Eats, food writer Steven DeSalvo compares dishes at Montclair restaurants.DeSalvo has a degree in hospitality business management from the University of Delaware and has worked extensively in restaurants...

Holiday: cocktails of the season (ho ho)

Food writer Steven DeSalvo goes on a cocktail crawl and discovers three yummy, festive drinks. He suggests not trying all three in one night.

Montclair Eats: A dumpling a day…

In the latest "Montclair Eats," Steven DeSalvo finds "three iconic styles of dumplings that are antastic in their own ways."