Relaxation of NJ alcohol delivery laws helps ease strain on Montclair Brewery

The relaxation of restrictions on home delivery for New Jersey breweries is helping ease the financial strain on establishments like the Montclair Brewery.

Recipe of the month: risotto from your pantry

Risotto can be made with ingredients you likely have in your pantry, and is a comforting dish for trying times, says food writer Steven DeSalvo.

COVID-19: Chef Floyd Cardoz made an impact

Chef Floyd Cardoz, who died on March 24 of coronavirus, made a big impact on the town; he prepared broccoli at Hillside School, "just so," in 2015.

COVID-19: Montclair charities try to cope with increase in need

Montclair charities are trying to meet a rising demand for their services amid the COVID-19 outbreak, but their directors say it has been a challenge at times.

COVID-19: Shopping safely, with helping hands

Shopping feels dangerous during COVID-19 restrictions. Here is our report, from Montclairites ready to help, and from local supermarkets.

Montclair Eats: Chocolate for your Valentine

Chocolates come in all flavors and textures in Montclair, plenty for your Valentine, writes Steven DeSalvo in this month's "Montclair Eats."

Montclair eats: Montclair sushi is on a roll

The more outlandish the better for a sushi roll, writes Steven DeSalvo in the latest "Montclair Eats." Here are reviews of three.
Funds for Food

Funds for Food group plans to pack lunches for kids

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.newsFunds for Food, started by high school students Sarah Shiffman and Stella Guzik, hopes to start providing packed lunches for elementary school students this school year.The group, which currently has 11 members,...

Montclair Eats: Day after Thanksgiving food

By STEVEN DESALVO For Montclair LocalIn Montclair Eats, food writer Steven DeSalvo compares dishes at Montclairrestaurants.DeSalvo has a degree in hospitality business management from the University of Delaware and has worked extensively in restaurants and...

Montclair Eats: hot sandwiches for chilly days

Hot sandwiches, mmmmm. In the latest Montclair Eats, Steven DeSalvo suggests three of his favorites, to keep off the autumn chill.