Ditch the bag

Montclair, get ready to ditch the bag

The movement to reduce the use of disposable plastics in the community is gaining momentum.

Town to join five others to bid for clean energy

Montclair took the next step in joining a government energy aggregation on June 12. The council voted 5 to 2 in favor of the move.
Bonsal Preserve

Tree loss could be 65 at Bonsal Preserve

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairloca.news In the midst of tree clearing at Alfonzo F. Bonsal Preserve due to Clifton’s sewer line replacement project, Montclair was notified last week that the New Jersey District Water Supply Commission...

Can Montclair get cleaner energy at less cost?

By Jaimie Julia Winterswinters@montclairlocal.newsWhat’s a government energy aggregation and why is Montclair looking into joining one?Energy aggregation is when a town or a group of towns go out to bid for its residents as...

Saying no thank you to straws in Montclair is spreading

By Tara Kolton for Montclair Local Word is continuing to spread around Montclair that straws truly suck for the environment. A program to reduce the use of non-reusable plastics throughout the community is gaining momentum. A group...
70 trees

Bonsal tree clearing, Clifton sewer relocation begins

By Jaimie Julia Winterswinters@montclairlocal.news The town of Clifton has begun felling trees on the northern edge of Alonzo F. Bonsal Preserve, beginning a year-long project to replace and relocate a sewer line in the Passaic...

MKA celebrates Earth Day with recycling, composting and gardening

In celebration of Earth Day 2018, the students and faculty at Montclair Kimberley Academy, are focusing on programs that help reduce waste in meaningful ways and connecting with service learning initiatives throughout the three campuses.  From...

Gardening: Prepare now for spring

By Jose German for Montclair LocalJose German is a New Jersey environmental activist, Essex County certified master gardener and Montclair resident. He is the founder of the Northeast Earth Coalition, a nonprofit environmental organization. Spring is...

Mills Reservation was home to WWII searchlight platform, site of cathedral

By Jaimie Julia Winterswinters@montclairlocal.news In early spring, a group of bird enthusiasts stand with binoculars in hand on top of round cement slab about the size of a small swimming pool nestled atop a 500-foot...

Sustainability conference kicks off third year in Montclair

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.news“The earth is not flat; the earth is round,” said Jerry Vorbach, one of the presenters at the Acting Locally for a More Sustainable World Conference.“What?!” Gray Russell, the township sustainability officer,...