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Friends and neighbors: environmentalist Pat Kenschaft

Pat Kenschaft, professor emerita of mathematics at Montclair State University, secretary of the Cornucopia Network of New Jersey, speaks up for nature.

Montclair green movement going ugly

If your garden produces a potato that looks like a foot, a tomato with a face or carrots with legs, you might Instagram photos of your ugly vegetables, then put them into the cooking pot.  
ABCs of Montclair

Fall into fall with the ABCs of Montclair

Get out your phones, your datebooks, your Hipster PDAs — whatever you use — and put down some dates. Fall in Montclair is already hopping, and the season hasn’t even officially started yet!To help...

Montclair council could pass plastic bag ban tonight

The mayor and council will hold a public hearing and vote on the plastic bag ordinance tonight, July 23.

Will going electric with leaf blowers ease the noise in Montclair?

Although Montclair bans the use of leaf blowers during the summer months, environmental commission officials said they field complaints of them being used all summer long. 

Business owners speak out on plastic bag ban

A group of merchants are concerned that an ordinance currently being drafted on a single-use plastic bag ban could hurt their small businesses.

In brief: Brainstorm recyclables session at Montclair State

BAKE to PARTAKE Upcycling is a startup that is aware of the need for eco-friendly initiatives and bringing mass awareness. The upcycling project by students Brandon Edwards, Alexis Orfan, Eva Matusow, and Khayri Chenault...

In brief: Information session on energy aggregation set for May 9

For residents seeking more information on the energy aggregation information packet they received in the mail, the township has scheduled a public information session.