Mother Matters: steps for spring cleaning

In her latest "Mother Matters," Loyla Louvis suggests steps to make spring-cleaning effective and easy. Collaborate and celebrate!

Montclair scouts hold ‘camp-in’

Montclair Cub Scouts pitched their tents at home, connected with Zoom, and held a Camp-In, with s'mores, songs, and jokes — one from Stephen Colbert.

News-O-Matic offers a safe window to the world

The online newspaper for kids, News-O-Matic, co-founded by Montclair's Russell Kahn, offers a window into the world that is safe and informative.

COVID-19: Facing challenges of social distancing

Scrabble, Fortnite, and other games; schedules, watching movies and cooking together, as well as talking on the phone, can all ease social distancing.

Montclair’s bears and rainbows

Montclairites are going on bear hunts and are in search of rainbows. 

Family wins fight for wheelchair play equipment at Watsessing Park

The parents of 11-year-old Kereni, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, said their push to get wheelchair accessible play items added to newly-opened Watsessing Park all-inclusive playground is closer to being heard.

Mother Matters: Celebrate love with children

In her latest "Mother Matters," Loyla Louvis suggests ways to celebrate and solidify the spirit of love in Valentine's Day with children.

Montclair Girl Scouts featured on 2020 cookie boxes

Two Montclair girls are featured on this year’s Girl Scout cookie packages sold nationwide.
new year

Mother Matters: creating a happy new year

A new year offers a busy mom an opportunity to pause, reflect, and start creating positivity, writes Loyla Louvis in her latest "Mother Matters."
Roots and Shoots

Edgemont’s Roots and Shoots club works for a better Earth

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.newsFor sixty students at Edgemont School, helping to save the Earth is serious business, from encouraging families not to use pesticides on their lawns, to urging Montclair to go ahead with a...