Montclair Local Pet of the Week: Sophie

Hayley is a 5-month-old sweetheart who defines the phrase "lap cat." You'd never guess by her loving demeanor that she was rescued from a dumpster in Newark. Hayley is cat-and-kid friendly, a little shy,...

History and Heritage: A cow — in Montclair?

Yep, that's a cow in Montclair. In this historic photo, archivist Molly Hone gives some information about "Carrie the Cow," for History and Heritage.

Oh, deer! – Geese numbers down, deer on the rise

Summer is here, and Montclairites are dealing with some unwanted guests. Deer forage through residents’ yards and Canada geese take over parks and fields, leaving droppings.

Copperhead caught by Montclair Animal Control Officers

Copperhead snake was caught by Montclair Animal Control Officers.
Pound Animal Welfare Society of Montclair

Montclair Local Pet of the Week: Diamond

Diamond was surrendered to an inner city shelter, for no apparent reason other than maybe her age because she was too old to bear puppies anymore and the shelter believes she was used for...

Montclair Local Pet of the Week: Nayla

Nayla is a gorgeous, green eyed girl could be your new best feline friend. She's playful and polite, and just over a year old.Come and meet Nayla. The Montclair Township Animal Shelter, 77...

Montclair Animal Shelter gets new dog run thanks to ‘George to the Rescue’

"George to the Rescue" Creates Outdoor Oasis for Montclair Shelter Rescues.

All God’s Creature: Unity of Montclair’s Pet Blessing

Unity of Montclair held a virtual Pet Blessing on Sunday, July 19, with photos of beloved pets of all kinds, and a special tribute to Cooper the golden lab.

Montclair woman is the first in town to join warm and fuzzy service team

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsMontclair just became home for puppy Jonquil III, a lab/golden retriever cross who will one-day know over 40 commands including pushing a wheelchair and picking up a dropped item as small...

Montclair Local Pet of the Week: Sophia

Sophie is the sweetest girl around. She's pretty and playful and just the perfect pet. She's a boxer mix.Come meet Sophie.The Montclair Township Animal Shelter, 77 North Willow St., is open daily from noon...