What’s in your backyard: Look down, and up

To see the birds of your neighborhood, perspective makes a difference. This past October, Sanford Sorkin looks up to see the full variety.

What happens to feral cats during COVID?

Vet clinics closed from mid-March until the first or second week of May because they were not considered essential, which meant feral cats were not serviced during the shutdown.

MTAS makes matches during Adopt-a-Dog month

The Montclair Township Animal Shelter has played matchmaker for dogs and families during Adopt-a-Dog month.

It’s the Roaring ’20s, for chipmunks

Thanks to a Mast year for oaks (many acorns!), this is a boom year for chipmunks. Here's a bit about their ways.

Therapy dog visits libraries during COVID-19

Brady the therapy dog, a 13-year old Labrador mix from Montclair is doing his part to help people cope with COVID-19 and other crises.

All God’s Creature: Unity of Montclair’s Pet Blessing

Unity of Montclair held a virtual Pet Blessing on Sunday, July 19, with photos of beloved pets of all kinds, and a special tribute to Cooper the golden lab.

What’s in your backyard: Banner year for warblers (chipmunks, too)

In "What's in your backyard," Sanford Sorkin writes about the many warblers — and some cheeky chipmunks — that have visited his home.

What’s in your backyard: skunks and the scent of summer

The shy skunk in your backyard would really rather not spray you, according to David Wasmuth, in his column for "What's in Your Backyard."

Life under lockdown: tending to turtles

Ted and Lily Wright built an island for turtles in Edgemont Memorial Park, and are enjoying how life under lockdown is bringing them closer together.

Look: foxes take the field, while humans stay home

Here's something you did not use to see every day: foxes on Fortunato field.A fox mom and her five cubs took an after-dinner stroll.Have you seen any wildlife? Send your pics to WHAT’S...