Grief, time travel, childhood, homelessness — Stories from young Montclair minds

The young competitors in this year’s Anderson Park Short Story Contest weren’t given many constraints — they could be led by their imaginations and creativity.
Richard Thompson and Elvis Costello

Listening in with Elvis Costello and Montclair’s Richard Thompson

Thompson, who moved to Montclair in 2017, launches his new memoir, ‘Beeswing: Losing My Way and Finding My Voice 1967-1975’

Essex County offers coronavirus vaccination transportation to Montclair seniors

Montclair senior citizens who want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine but do not have their own transportation will be able to sign up for rides to county vaccine venues next week.

‘One of the most touching letters’ Human Needs pantry ever received

The director said it's 'important to remember that there are SO many wonderful, caring people' in the community.

Historic Osborne Estate on 3-acre park is available for $4M

The historic Edmund Burke Osborne Estate on three acres in Montclair will be up for sale at $3,995,000.

With vaccinations, K-Mart’s K-omeback can be our own (Welcome to Montclair)

By KIRSTEN D. LEVINGSTON For Montclair Local Once upon a time, K-Mart in West Orange was the place for eclectic shoppers craving a Nathan’s hot dog...

Essex-Hudson Greenway could be purchased by year’s end

First suggested nearly 20 years ago, the Essex-Hudson Greenway Project is inching closer to reality, project officials say.

The red fox: Montclair’s cutest carnivore (What’s in Your Backyard)

By DAVID WASMUTH For Montclair LocalSly and cunning are two common descriptors. It has even given us the term “outfox.” It’s hard to think of...

Yogi Berra Museum to reopen to in-person guests May 1

The museum closed on March 13, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, reopened in September and then closed again at Thanksgiving when community transmission rose.

A life of laughter, love, art: 6 remembrances of Montclair’s Jordan Tassy

Jordan Tassy loved his pit bull-husky mix, Dakota, and his friend's guinea pigs. He loved photography, videography and digital art. He loved making people...