Meet Montclair’s Gerald W. Jones III, vampire hunter

The 17-year-old Montclair High School senior stars as Bobby in “Vampires vs. the Bronx.”

Artists rally behind performer who alleged ‘violent’ outbursts by MSU administrator

Artist Emily Johnson said she was berated when she tried to negotiate outreach programs for Indigenous people.

Artist accuses MSU official of being ‘violent and oppressive individual’

She alleges outbursts demeaned her work and her Native American heritage. 

Topaz Jones’ ‘Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma’ — Blackness, identity, life in Montclair

"Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma" is winner of the Short Film Jury Award at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

‘Cells of Quarantine’ web series — Message of hope from Montclair playwright

For Montclair playwright and actor Nadine Bernard, plays are meant to entertain, to raise awareness and to heal.

Melania no more: Montclair’s Laura Benanti wraps a wild ‘Late Show’ run

'We have put Melania to rest" ... and without ever hearing from the real First Lady.

See through Jessica Koczwara’s photographic eye (Robin’s nest)

Also: A talk with Fourth Ward Councilman David Cummings

Bellevue group plans theater at Shore — swears it’s not done with Montclair

A plan for "The Bradley" sounds a lot like the one that just fell through for Montclair's Bellevue Theatre after years in the making.

Montclair filmmaker’s hope: Help immigrant family in extraordinary struggle

As a woman fought for her life, her family cared for her newborn, and her mom faced deportation.

Diane Moser was a musical tornado

Diane Moser, who led Diane Moser's Composers Big Band, passed away on Thursday, Dec. 17, at the age of 63.