Michael Wolff, author of Trump book, graduated from private Montclair HS

By ELIZABETH OGUSS and LINDA MOSS Author Michael Wolff, whose controversial book stirred President Donald Trump to angrily tweet to defend his “stable genius,” was president of his high school student council -- and his...
poetry slam

Litfest: Montclair teens perform at poetry slam

Montclair students perform work that is funny, insightful and profound at this year's Montclair Literary Festival spoken word competition.

Finish this story: Help Montclair Local write a “Montclair Tall Tale”

Release your inner author, Montclair.We’re looking for writers to help us with our jointly created story, “Howdy, Neighbor.”This week is the call-out, we’ll publish the first installment (written by you!) sometime after the Montclair...

All Write Now: The art of shameless self-promotion

Self-promotion can be the hardest part of our job as an artist, writes Melissa Sullivan in "All Write Now." But it's an essential part of a writer's life.

Litfest: Nate Perlmeter’s story ‘Pretty Girl’ shows that music and friends can be dangerous

Nate Perlmeter, a freshman at Princeton University, was the 12th-grade winner in the first Montclair Literary Festival contest for Montclair High students held last spring, for his story “Pretty Good.” The runner-up for that...

Telling tales, hearing lives: Montclair Film’s StorySLAM begins

Montclairites talkes about their first time on a snowmobile, going to England, figuring out a scam, at the first Montclair Film StorySLAM.
Girl Talk

Talking female heads: ‘Girl Talk’ explores friendship

Female friendships are intimate, special and hard. Jacqueline Mroz explores how these friendships work in her new book, "Girl Talk."

All write now: How to pack for your very first writing residency

There's so much to think about to prepare for a writer's residency, writes Steph Auteri in "All Write Now." Not least? What to pack.

Montclair literary festival: Malcolm Gladwell looks in

Malcolm Gladwell talked to D.T. Max on Feb. 6, as a pre-festival activity for Succeed2gether's Montclair Literary Festival.
Trevor Noah

‘The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah talks about his book at Montclair Literary Festival

By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.newsThirty-three years old may seem a little young to write a memoir.But it depends on the life.Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” was born in 1984, during Apartheid in...