Unseen second graders

Open Book/Open Mind: Black history in photos that never saw print

"Unseen" reveals New York Times photos of black history.

Stings and Arrows: ‘ACORN and the Firestorm’ comes to Montclair Film Festival

By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.newsA Fox News-watching conservative voter from Orlando named Travis has important things to say in Reuben Atlas’ new film, “ACORN and the...

Classical music review: Ember touches the heart, honors veterans

Ember's concert on Veteran's Day in Montclair was a sober and touching reminder of the costs of war, given on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

Harlem Renaissance: Ain’t Misbehavin’ comes to NJPAC

Just in time for Black History Month: "Ain't Misbehavin'" brings Fats Waller and the Harlem Renaissance to NJPAC.

All Write Now: persistence and lightbulbs

Inspiration comes when you work at it.

‘Greetings from Montclair’ offers art in small

Studio Montclair Inc. is selling postcard-sized original art on Friday, Dec. 15, as a fundraiser for its new home.

Culture in brief: School of Rock Montclair classes begin

School of Rock Montclair will begin its fall performance programs in early October.Students will take part in weekly program rehearsals that will run through...

Culture in brief: Renassaince band BARD to play in Montclair

St. James Players have launched a musical group, BARD, which performs old English folk music in a contemporary format that they call “Renaissance rock.”BARD...
Make music

Montclair Make Music Day catches fire

Montclair Make Music Day(s), Friday June 21 and Saturday June 22, will have more than 100 performers in about 40 venues this year.

Theater review: Gripping and powerful ‘Vilna’

Ira Fuchs' new play 'Vilna,' tells a powerful story of people caught up in the tragic occupation of the once vibrant city.