Due to severe weather, Montclair State University’s screening of “Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster” and the followup Q&A planned for Tuesday, Oct. 26, will be held on Zoom.

The Q&A will include Karloff’s daughter Sara Karloff and producer Ron MacCloskey. Joining via Zoom will be director Thomas Hamilton and distributor Richard Abramowitz.

At 6 p.m. viewers can link into the event on Zoom using the password 099751.

Sara Karloff is part of a national tour celebrating this year’s 90th anniversary of Universal’s 1931 “Frankenstein.”
The daughter of the legendary “Frankenstein” actor will share stories about the person she knew as Dad, reflect on her father’s legacy and offer anecdotes on the origins and enduring popularity of classic Universal Monster films.
“I am absolutely thrilled that ‘Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster’ is now playing to enthusiastic audiences in theaters nationwide, and receiving critical acclaim from coast to coast,” Sara Karloff said. “It’s a perfect time to reflect on my father’s life and legacy, and this film re-examines his personal relationships, career accomplishments, and the horror genre which he helped to define, from a fresh and contemporary perspective.”

The screening and Q&A will take place in Presentation Hall at the School of Communications.

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The event is free, but proof of vaccination will be required for non-students.

While in town, she will also host Montclair TV34’s annual Fright Film Fest on Halloween, which will feature Karloff’s films. In between the films, Sara Karloff will do introductions and be interviewed by local horror film aficionado Ilmar Vanderer, who served as a consultant on the making of “Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster.”