Jose German-Gomez, founder of Northeast Earth Coalition, was awarded “Change Maker of the Week” by the Pollinator Project, a global community of grassroots organizations helping the environment.

Pollinator Project awarded German-Gomez for his work at Northeast Earth Coalition’s gardens across town which produced more than 1,000 pounds of food each year.

“The secret to his green thumb is in the quality of his soil, which is fertilized with a homegrown ‘compost tea’ containing millions of live microorganisms,” reads the article published by Pollinator Project. “Jose [German-Gomez] uses every available space, including walls and fences, where potatoes and other crops grow in bags, climbing plants scale fences, and honeybees buzz around newly-installed neighborhood hives.”

German-Gomez is also recognized by The Little Pantry project, for helping to install 10 mini pantries throughout Montclair. They are filled with non-perishable food for the community and to date have distributed over 17,000 of food.

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