Pictured left to right: Taylor Krueger, assistant administrator; Lynn English, teacher & club advisor; students Georgia Stamas, Isabelle Samuel, and Ellie Martens; Reverend Ingrid Singh (back); Tim O’Brien, chief executive officer; Alec Grabowski, chief operating officer. / HACKENSACK MERIDIAN MOUNTAINSIDE MEDICAL CENTER

The Blue Scrub Club at Montclair High School has donated $500 to Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center’s Pastoral Care department through the Partners for Health Foundation.

The Blue Scrub Club’s purpose is to inspire and educate students who are interested in
exploring careers in the medical field. The club hosts weekly meetings with medical professionals from a variety of fields who share their education and career journeys , along with what they do on a daily basis. Students also contribute to the community by providing
healthcare organizations with assistance through financial or material donations, and
volunteering, an announcement of the donation said.

“It is important that we engage with the younger generation who have an interest in healthcare and assist them in finding their career path,” chief executive officer at
Mountainside Medical Center Tim O’Brien wrote in the announcement. “Healthcare organizations have many moving parts and we want to show students the various pathways in which they can have a successful career in healthcare.”

The hospital will collaborate with the club on future events to continue to educate students about the various careers in healthcare. Students will also have the opportunity to volunteer at the hospital and shadow professionals at all levels.

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