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The polls for New Jersey’s primary elections have closed. Mail-in ballots were required to be postmarked by 8 p.m. Tuesday or dropped in secure ballot dropboxes by that time.

This post will be updated as results come in Tuesday night. Results will not yet reflect mail-in or provisional ballots.

Results for unopposed races will be updated after all districts report; other races will be updated periodically. Results are from county clerk-operated election sites unless otherwise noted.

Asterisks (*) denote projected winners

Last updated: 8:20 a.m. Wednesday.

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Essex County Sheriff — Seeking Democratic nomination (503/548 districts reporting):

  • Incumbent Democrat Armando Fontoura* — 25,285
  • John Arnold — 6,089
  • Barry Jackson — 1,508

Essex County Sheriff — Seeking Republican nomination (503/548 districts reporting):

  • Maureen Edelson — 1,387
  • Nicholas Pansini* — 5,609

Governor — Seeking Democratic nomination: 

  • Incumbent Phil Murphy* (unopposed)

Governor — Seeking Republican nomination (89% of districts reporting, statewide) As reported by the Associated Press via NJ.com: 

  • Jack Ciattarelli* — 153,076
  • Brian Levine — 9,901
  • Philip Rizzo — 81,559
  • Hirsh Singh — 66,643

34th Legislative District, Assembly — Seeking Democratic nomination (two seats):

  • Incumbent Thomas Giblin* (unopposed)
  • Incumbent Britnee Timberlake* (unopposed)

34th Legislative District, Assembly — Seeking Republican nomination (two seats):

  • Tafari Anderson* (unopposed)
  • Irene DeVita* (unopposed)

34th Legislative District, Senate — Seeking Democratic nomination:

  • Incumbent Nia Gill* (unopposed)

34th Legislative District, Senate — Seeking Republican nomination: 

  • Scott Pollack* (unopposed)