From left. Anneke Demarest, YMCA of Montclair CDO; Buddy Evans, YMCA of Montclair President & CEO; Mitchell Heisler, Team Up Montclair; Daniel Rivlin, Montclair United Soccer Club; Tom Creaser, Team Up Montclair

Team-Up Montclair and the Montclair United Soccer Club have donated $5,313 to the YMCA of Montclair’s efforts to build an inclusive playground.

The YMCA describes the project as a “colorful and creative playground” at the Geyer Family Y — available both to children attending Y programming, as well as families living in the neighborhood.

“Team Up Montclair, along with Montclair United Soccer Club, are proud to partner with the YMCA of Montclair in support of the neighborhood playground at the Y’s Geyer Family Branch” Linda Bowers, president and co-founder of Team Up Montclair said in an announcement from the Y. “Team Up Montclair is dedicated to supporting, promoting and growing our community’s commitment to health and fitness, as well as its rich legacy of sports, recreation, and sportsmanship.

She continued: “One area of our focus is sponsoring safe and appropriate recreation facilities for under-served groups within the Montclair community. This opportunity under the umbrella of the YMCA of Montclair’s commitment to providing outstanding recreational athletic and fitness opportunities to all residents of Montclair and the surrounding areas is a natural fit. We are thrilled to be part of the village helping to bring this project over the finish line and look forward to seeing the playground in action this fall.”

Rao’s Homemade and the Placek Family have recently offered matching donations during the YMCA’s fundraising push — so the contribution will have three times the impact.

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“We are so grateful to our friends at Team Up Montclair and Montclair United,” Buddy Evans, YMCA of Montclair President and CEO, said. “This gift will not only help us get to our fundraising finish line but is also helping our Y to meet the challenges set by Rao’s Homemade and the Placek Family. This is a fantastic example of the way Montclair comes together to help make change possible.”