by Andrew Garda

A host of athletes from Montclair High School, Montclair Kimberley Academy and Immaculate Conception High School earned all-conference honors from the Super Essex Conference for their achievements  during the 2018-19 season. SEC divisions are sorted by competitive level, with the American serving as the top tier in each sport, followed by the Liberty, Colonial, Independence and Freedom, respectively. Division names for each team in parentheses:

MHS senior Kyle Miller was named to the All-SEC First Team for baseball for 2019.


Boys cross country (American): Stefan Urquidi, Aidan Ward (first team), Sebastian Urquidi, Oscar Counsell (second team).

Girls cross country (American): Meghan Hessler, Matilda Ferguson, Lola Scarpone, Eleanor Keating (first team), Lily Johnston (second team).

Field hockey: Sosi Korian, Sophia Pisano (first team), Fiona Campbell (second team), Maddie Crane (honorable mention).

Boys soccer (American): Phillip Cubeddu, Chris Masur, Evan O’Brien (first team), Mason Davisson, Mehdi Elfilali (second team), Will Moore, Ben Middlemiss (honorable mention).

Girls soccer (American): Jillian O’Toole, Sydney Masur, Meg Braley (first team), Claire Manning, Baldwin Gittens (second team), Hanan Abdelatif, Amelia Platt (honorable mention).

Girls tennis (Liberty): Lily McDonald (second team), Yael Gelman, Lola Kapila (honorable mention).

Girls volleyball (American): Maia Wallace, Taylor Sprowl (first team).

Senior MHS softball star Francesca Testa ended her Mounties career on a high note by being named to the All-SEC First Team for softball in 2019.

Bowling: Justin Brown, Alexander Fall (first team), Nicholas Ioannou, Aidan Walker (second team).

Boys basketball (Liberty): Charles Murphy, Shawn Summers (first team), Izaiah McPherson (second team), Dashawn Davis, Steven Rose (honorable mention).

Girls basketball (Liberty): Birgitta Taylor-Liliquist, Chynna Dunneman (first team).

Boys swimming: Tommy White (first team, 100 butterfly), Jarrett Driever (second team, 500 free), Justin Ellis, Jarrett Driever, Tommy White and Mizell McEachin (second team, 4×400 free relay), Marcos Gutierrez (honorable mention).

Girls swimming: Devon Muldoon (first team, 200 individual medley), Millie Steffe (second team, 100 backstroke), Mia Padberg, Sol Jordan, Kathrynna Demetillo and Devon Muldoon (second team, 4×400 freestyle relay), Lily Foung (honorable mention).

Wrestling (Liberty): Zakai Mack (first team), Terrell White, Dominic Diaz, Thomas Rosenthal (second team), Jaala Williams, Ross Berkowitz (honorable mention).

Baseball (American): Evan Chaladoff, Kyle Miller (first team), Conor McGrath, A.J. Zaccareo (second team), Alex Borelli, Nick Urquijo (honorable mention).

Golf (American): Max Sorger (first team), Lex Fall (honorable mention).

MHS swimmer Devon Muldoon as named to the First Team in girls swimming for the 200 meter Individual Relay in 2019.

Boys lacrosse (Liberty): Will Schiffenhaus, Jeikson Boyle, Drew Skibniewski (first team), Will Lebarinto, Harrison Blanz, Christian Sanchez (second team), Anthony Jackson (honorable mention).

Girls lacrosse (American): Nanette Rose Walls-Tarver, Jada Auletta, Abby Romano (first team), Katie Giordano, Emily Crane, Chynna Dunneman (second team), Lauren Morganlander (honorable mention).

Softball (Liberty): Francesca Testa (first team), Aliyah Andrews, Remi Antinoro (second team), Charlotte Carr, Carlie Miller (honorable mention).

MKA’s Rollins Heath (25) made the Boys Lacrosse Second Team All-SEC in 2019.


Boys cross country (American): Charlie Koenig (first team), Jack Wilkin, Victor Magnusson (honorable mention)

Girls cross country (American): Anna Schaller (first team), Anna Bradley, Emma Burd (honorable mention)

Field hockey: Lindsey Yu, Kirsten Zeug (first team), Amanda Mack (second team), Gigi Jacobson (honorable mention)

Boys soccer (Liberty): Zach Wheeler, Dylan Ladda, Will Horn (first team), Dylan Hall, Andrew Garofalo (second team), Sean Cadigan, Seth Kaplan (honorable mention).

Girls soccer (American): Arianna Jobst, Alexis Riley (first team), Chloe Skipper, Marissa Snee (second team), Rylie Frieder, Lily Pryor (honorable mention).

Girls tennis (American): Mia Bohi-Green, Emily Talkow (first team), Michaela O’Hare, Julia Perlmutter (honorable mention).

MKA goalie Gigi Jacobson’s play between the pipes for the Cougars garnered her an Honorable Mention in the All-SEC awards this year.

Girls volleyball (Liberty): Sarah Abukwaik, Maira Castro-Conteh (first team), Alina Smith (second team), Nyla Williams, Ariana Robinson (honorable mention)

Boys basketball (Colonial): Andrew Friedman (honorable mention).

Boys swimming: Patrick Flint (first team, 200 individual medley), Raghav Cholappadi (honorable mention).

Girls swimming: Natalia Eichmann (honorable mention).

Baseball (Liberty): Ben Ribikoff, Luciano Calandra (first team), John Testa (second team), Andrew Rosamilia, Rolando Quintana (honorable mention).

Golf (American): Bennett Knowles, Myles Cherry (first team), Ethan Otner (honorable mention).

Rising senior Emily Talkow was named to the All-SEC Softball First Team after an excellent season for the Cougars.

Boys lacrosse (American): Rollins Heath, Christian Breitweiser, Jake Waldman (second team), Zach Kirsch (honorable mention).

Girls lacrosse (American): Lily Pryor, Kirsten Zeug, Claire Linaugh, Taylor Everson (first team), Katie Hipp, Abby Clothier, Ally Raff, Bella Liu (second team), Reilly Hughes (honorable mention).

Softball (Liberty): Emily Talkow (first team), Amanda Mack, Geena Pacifico (second team), Jena DeSalvo, Annie Turvey (honorable mention).

ICHS’ Elijah Hutchins-Everett (gold jersey) was named to the ALL-SEC First Team for boys basketball.


Boys basketball (American): Elijah Hutchins-Everett, Nick Jourdain, Zion Bethea (first team), Ama’re Marshall (second team), Jayden Brown, Donta Davis (honorable mention).

Girls basketball (American): Nasira Williams, Jordan Hill (first team), Taylor Williams, Azatah Lawrence (second team), Kendra Lawrence, Jailyn Lucas (honorable mention)

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