This week Jaimie Julia Winters reported that parking permits are at such a premium that people are forging them. We want to survey our readers and get your thoughts on parking in Montclair.

Read Montclair Local’s recent story on parking here, then tell us what you think. Let us know by voting in our survey below and by leaving a comment in our comment section at the bottom of the page.

How satisfied are you with public parking in Montclair ?

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How many minutes on average would you say it typically takes you to find a place to park in Montclair?

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Have you applied for a permit and how long did it take for you acquire one?

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How would you rate public parking in Montclair in terms of the reliability of meters, ticket dispensers and self-pay stations?

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  1. There is more parking available than people will admit to. It’s just fashionable to complain about parking. I drive throughout Montclair all day long and there are open spaces literally everywhere. Problem is unless people find a spot directly in front of whatever establishment they are going to…they complain there is “no parking”.

    • I have to wonder what time of day you’re speaking about.

      Is the main library one of your stops? I haven’t been in ages because I haven’t been successful finding a place to park the last four times I tried. That’s just one example.

  2. Absolutely not true. What time do you drive around?

    Try driving around especially on a Friday evening or weekend. It becomes a zoo

  3. Wait until they take away the Church Street lot. It was bad enough when they pissed away millions on Park Street, taking away dozens of spaces. My street is already a parking lot (all illegal, of course) – I can’t have guests or a roommate, because I don’t have a driveway. Having contractors is a nightmare. I have to purchase the space ahead of time, in person, and take a half day off work. Christ Church makes Sundays into the most hellish day of the week. It took one of their members a half hour to find a parking space. I’m not a fan of churches, but I did feel sorry for him. Now the town is taking away more parking. It figures that our mayor, a toady to developers, was not even elected. Our leadership is horrendous. No one wants to live here or visit. I want to sell my home. Will anyone buy it?


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