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BAKE to PARTAKE Upcycling is a startup that is aware of the need for eco-friendly initiatives and bringing mass awareness. The upcycling project by students Brandon Edwards, Alexis Orfan, Eva Matusow, and Khayri Chenault invite people to come up with innovative new uses for everyday throwaway items like plastic bags and bottles. The event will be hosted outside of the Student Center Ballrooms at Montclair State University, co-sponsored with the Montclair State Bonner Leaders Group from noon to 2 p.m. on Monday, May 13.

Through an artistic endeavor, people will utilize recyclables to craft various forms of art pieces and or important household items. Items such as  a wine glass or a utility basket, all potential things that could be made of plastic.

The group encourages students, faculty, and residents of Montclair and surrounding areas to come out. Whether or not one is an artist, an engineer, an architect, or any field that may be devoid of any artistic or structural tendencies in their livelihood, all are welcome.

The group hopes by making this event fun it can hopefully leading to this substantial initiative to be utilized in bringing more awareness to the environment.

Through Montclair State University’s business program at Feliciano School of Business, every year the program hosts a Pitch Competition. The goal is to allow students to come up with innovative products or initiatives that could very well be used for actual start-ups. In a way, it is similar to the show Shark Tank, where students compete with other groups of students in impressing a chosen group of faculties that would act as the ‘sharks’ in this case.

Entry fee is $1 donation.

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