The Montclair Local issues that took first place for General Typography and Layout of the Entire Paper in the 2018 New Jersey Press Association contest . Winners were announced on Monday.

In its first year qualifying, Montclair Local has garnered 16 New Jersey Press Association Awards for its coverage of Montclair throughout 2018.

Competing against weekly papers from throughout the state, judges commended Montclair Local, including among their review comments: “Well-written story content, strong reporting in this community-minded newspaper. Lots to read in this paper.”

The staff would like to thank our readers for their continued support in helping Montclair Local become our town’s local newspaper of choice, and helping continue our mission to “Objectively Inform, Spark Dialogue, and Build Community.”

Montclair Local launched in March 2017, and became a member of NJPA — an organization comprising nearly 200 newspapers and dozens of digital news websites throughout the state — in 2018.

Of the Local’s 16 awards, five were for first place in their category, nine were for second place and two were for third place. Award-winners were as follows:

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Editor Kevin Meacham, page designer Andrea Bondy and staff:

—First place, General Typography and Layout of the Entire Paper;

—First place, Feature Section Layout and Content;

—Second place, Editorial Section Layout and Content;

—Second place, Front Page Layout and Content; and

—Second place, Special Issue (for our “Montclair 150” special from June 28).

Culture Editor Gwen Orel:

—Second place, Business Writing (for her story about Nicki Radzely, the inventor of the Pop pacifier).

Reporter Erin Roll:

—First place, News Writing (for her series of articles on the flash flooding that hit businesses in August).

Erin Roll and Gwen Orel:

—Third place, Responsible Journalism/Enterprise (for coverage of Montclair students’ response to the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., which included activism and walkouts).

Associate Editor Jaimie Julia Winters:

—First place, Coverage of Government (for articles on building heights in Montclair, seniors’ concerns with Edgemont Park reconfiguration, and a senior citizen’s fight to split his lot in order to age in place);

—Second place, Responsible Journalism/First Amendment (for her series of coverage on the Lackawanna Plaza redevelopment throughout the year);

—Second place, Coverage of Elections/Politics (for stories on disenfranchised voters, election canvassers and Mikie Sherrill’s congressional win);

—Third place, Investigative Reporting (for her series on the Alonzo F. Bonsal Preserve); and

—Third place, Business & Economic Writing (for a story on a North Korean mix-up that shut down the Pop pacifier business for a month).

Photographer Adam Anik:

—First place, Best Multimedia Element for both entries (“Lou Reed at Tierney’s” and “Montclair Orchestra’s Rockin’ Stravinsky”).

Sports Editor Andrew Garda and photographer Adam Anik:

—Second place, Best Web Element (for coverage of the Montclair High School car wash).