Life During Wartime cover by Thomas Pluck.
“Life During Wartime” is a collection of stories by Thomas Pluck.
Author Thomas Pluck will read in Montclair.

Author Thomas Pluck will read at Watchung Booksellers, 54 Fairfield St., on Feb. 8 at 7 p.m.

He will read from his new collection of stories, “Life During Wartime,” including the eponymous story that, Pluck writes, “predicted the Trump nightmare.”

From  a release:
Synopsis: A blackjack 21 of stories of people caught up in crime, facing bleak horrors, or spun in the whirlpool of human absurdity, this collects the best stories of Thomas Pluck.

Take a ride on the neuter scooter in “The Big Snip”, selected as one of the best crime stories of 2016. Follow a mountain man who’s not what he seems into a snowbound frontier town where evil has sunk its claws. Dine at the most exclusive restaurant in New York, where “Eat the Rich” takes on a whole new meaning. And meet Denny the
Dent, a hulking 350 pounds of muscle who wouldn’t harm a fly…but who’ll glad crush a bully’s skull. And read the Jay Desmarteaux yarn that takes off where Bad Boy Boogie ends.

Read the stories readers call “hard-hitting bombs” full of “gut punches and belly laughs”…and be ready to get Plucked.

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