Linda Ippolito, untitled. COURTESY LINDA IPPOLITO

The BrassWorks Gallery presents “THREAD,” the new work of artists Nora Chavooshian and Linda Ippolito. The exhibit at The BrassWorks Gallery, 105 Grove St., opens on Friday, Jan. 19, with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m., and runs through March 9.

Sculptor Nora Chavooshian states in a release, “One through-line in my work is the tension between what is hidden and what is revealed in the cracked surfaces of the sculptures. Cracks are the places where mysteries can start to be unearthed, undercurrents can be plumbed and light can come through.”

Nora studied sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. While living in Los Angeles, she continued her artistry as a sculptor, working as an award-winning stage designer, designing sculptural sets. Progressing into the area of film production design, she has designed films for director John Sayles, sculptural sets for Martin Scorsese, and videos for Bruce Springsteen and Madonna.

Artist Linda Ipollito expains, “I am in partnership with nature when making my art. The present stages of my work involve further integration of materials and techniques that push my process to new territory. In unearthing new depths of organic tone, I am marrying rice papers, soft pastels, waxes and acrylic mediums into layers of paint. Integrating the fiber art has also given me a way to translate the transparencies of the internal world of nature. Ultimately my goal remains drawing in the viewer to absorb and savor the experience of light in the landscape. The use of multi media allows me freely to connect with the physical tone of the environment, and give reverence to it.”

The BrassWorks Gallery is open Monday through Friday 7 am – 7 pm. For art inquiries contact Nora Chavooshian;, 973-600-9140 or Linda Ippolito;, 973-568-7973.

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