The Township Tax Collector’s office will be open this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. so that property owners who want to pay their 2018 taxes in advance have additional time to do so.

“The new federal tax bill was signed into legislation Dec. 22, leaving little time for property owners to meet the end-of-year deadline if they are considering prepaying 2018 taxes,” Mayor Robert Jackson said in a statement.

“Given the recent influx of queries to the township regarding 2018 property tax pre-payment, we decided to provide additional time on a Saturday for those residents and business owners who wish to pay their 2018 taxes in advance.”

First- and second-quarter preliminary tax bills have already been sent to property owners and may be paid online.

If taxpayers wish to prepay third- and fourth-quarter bills, they will need to estimate the amounts to be paid. Third- and fourth-quarter taxes must be paid by mail or in person.

Checks must be received by this Saturday.

In August when the actual 2018 tax rate is determined billing will be adjusted based on what property owners have prepaid.

“The Township Council and I would like to thank the Tax Collector’s office staff for putting in the extra effort to assist our residents with the opportunity to have additional time for their transactions,” Jackson said.

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