Problems with the township’s water, including it having an unusual odor, should be resolved by Monday, according to the municipal Department of Utilities.

Montclair on Sunday alerted residents to problems with local water because of what it described as “an issue” that the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission had.

“Last night the NJDWSC had a turbidity issue that caused a lower than normal chlorine residual with a unpleasant taste and smell to the water followed with a higher than normal chlorine residual,” according to an email alert from the township.

The water started to reach Montclair at roughly 2 p.m. and township officials reduced the flow into the municipality to avoid bringing that much of it into the system.

“Not all could be avoided so you will notice throughout the evening a potential odd tasting water,” the township said. “While the water maybe aesthetically unpleasing, it is not harmful to drink. We hope this issue passes by tomorrow, Dec. 4.”