Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Pine Street collected about 250 boxes of clothing and other goods for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Marialena Marzullo, center, and her niece Bianca wait with a parishioner for pick up on Thursday afternoon. DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI/STAFF


Parishioners at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church over the past week or so collected 250 boxes of goods, such as clothing and toiletries, that have been shipped to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

At Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Thursday Cindy Smith helps load the truck, while Marialena Marzullo places shipping labels on the boxes DHL was transporting to hurricane victim. Sam Rodriguez of DHL stacks the truck. DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI/STAFF

Marialena Marzullo, who spearheaded the collection drive, was among those present when a DHL truck came to the Pine Street church on Thursday afternoon to pick all the donations, piles of boxes and bags ready to go to Texas.

At Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Thursday Cindy Smith helps load a DHL truck with donations, while Marialena Marzullo, center, and Ellen Araujo of DHL place shipping labels on the boxes. DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI/STAFF

Marzullo has contacts at DHL through her job at KPMG in Short Hills, which is how the international shipping giant got involved in transporting the donated goods to Texas.

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