Antonio Cardozo tidies up the mortar around the belgian block at the entrance to the parking lot as construction of the parking lot, sidewalk and exterior stairs and walkways at Nishuane Elementary School continues Saturday, Aug. 26


While Montclair’s kids were out at the beach, at summer camp or at the park this summer, the schools were getting ready for the new school year with some building upgrades.

The Montclair school district has been carrying out repairs and renovation projects at the school buildings this summer.

Fire alarms at most of the school buildings and the central office were repaired. At Woodman Field, crews repaired an underground gas leak.

Elementary schools
At Edgemont School, crews have replaced the outside steps to the multipurpose room. The library has received a new carpet, painting and plaster work and new window shades. The school has also replaced its wireless clocks.

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At Hillside, the principal’s and assistant principal’s offices received new flooring and carpeting, and the gym was painted.

Bradford has undergone rug removals and floor repairs.

Charles H. Bullock received fire alarm repairs.

Nishuane underwent site renovations, including parking lot repairs and some replacement masonry steps leading to the school from the street. Repairs were also made in the school’s copy room; ceiling tiles were removed and the ceiling was converted to a plaster ceiling.

Northeast replaced its old shed with a new one, including a concrete slab, and crews made repairs to the path and walkways leading to the playground and field. There is also a new card reader on the outside door to the media center.

Watchung’s library renovation includes a new divider wall in the center of the room, and crews did a check of the school’s plumbing.

Middle schools
Glenfield had some floor work done in a second-floor office, while Buzz Aldrin had fire alarm repairs done. At Renaissance, crews replaced the flooring in one of the dance studios, moved the sixth-grade lockers to another location, and did some work on the grounds, the exterior fence and the parking lot.

Montclair High School
At the high school, the district was working on renovations to the gym lobby and locker room toilets, as well as work on the grounds and the parking lot. At the George Inness Annex, crews painted two stairwells and the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms.