Robin Schlager

Second Ward Councilwoman Robin Schlager will assume the position of Township Deputy Mayor effective Saturday, July 1.

Schlager will be taking over the post from William Hurlock, the First Ward councilman who has been serving as deputy mayor for the past year.

This council decided to alternate its members in the deputy-mayor position, according to Katya Wowk, township communications director.

As deputy mayor, Schlager will act in place of Mayor Robert Jackson in the event of his absence, disability or illness, Wowk said. The deputy mayor may also officiate weddings, she said.

However, the deputy mayor cannot make appointments or succeed the mayor should that office become vacant, according to Wowk, who didn’t have information about who will succeed Schlager in 2018.

“It’s been a honor to serve on as Second Ward councilor, going on my tenth year now!” Schlager said in an email. “I appreciate the opportunity to take on even more responsibility as a I become deputy mayor. And it would be my pleasure to step in, when needed, to further assist Mayor Jackson and the township.”