Maxine Pittman, left, with her daughter Ivy. “My mom will be so surprised when she sees it!” Ivy writes.
Courtesy Ivy Pittman.
Amira Jannah, Jamil Jannah, Amani Jannah-Hamlet, with mom Latifah Jannah, Aquil Jannah, Thyana Darby-Jannah, Khalil Jannah, Abebe Jannah. All are Latifah’s children except daughter-in-law Thyana, the bride, who, Latifa wrote on Tuesday, “just gave birth to my 17th grandchild this a.m.” Courtesy Latifa Jannah.

We asked for pictures of mother-child lookalikes, in honor of Mother’s Day. Here are two we received — if you’re seeing Mom on Sunday, send us a pic! We can run a few next week. The resemblance need not be physical. Photos don’t have to be the two (or more) of you side by side, they can be two baby photos, for example. Send high-resolution JPGs, and tell us your names, starting from the left. Be sure to indicate who mom is! We’ll publish as many as we can fit. Send your photos to