Town Square: Geoffrey Owens on an actor’s life and work

Montclair actor Geoffrey Owens was "outed" working at Trader Joe's, a job that had brought him peace. The outcome was unexpected.

Ask Task: Set goals for next summer (and life) now

Now is the perfect time to begin thinking about what to do next summer-- and with your life, says Allison Task.

Montclair Local Town Square: What’s our roadblock to achievement?

by PAULA WHITE Special to Montclair Local If you haven’t yet seen the New Jersey Monthly magazine’s Top 100 High Schools list in its September 2018...

Letters to the editor, Sept. 19

Inside the Montclair jazz archives Being that this is the 150th anniversary of Montclair, there are some things that many of you do know...

Program Notes: Turn, turn, turn, return

Yom Kippur can be a return: like the children who weep in Star Trek's "And the Children Shall Lead."

Letters to the editor, Sept. 13

Thanks for your class, Mr. Owens It was the name of the course that got my attention: “Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth.” So, about four...

Letters to the editor, Sept. 6

Tackling the deer issue In response to concerns raised by Montclair residents due to the population of deer in town, the Montclair Environmental Commission...

Letters to the editor, Aug. 30

Women in the 11th Congressional District need Mikie Sherrill The attack on women’s rights and access to healthcare has reached fever pitch on the federal...

Letters to the editor, Aug. 23

Get out and Vote People of Montclair, if you think this country is headed in the wrong direction and you find the policies and character...

Ask Task: should I clean up after others peoples’ kids?

Allison Task asks: whose job is it to clean up after the kids?