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Letters to the editor, March 22

Why does Montclair Township ignore us? Since 2017, the residents of Nassau Road and Patton Place have been asking that the township replace our derelict curbs. Many of our homes have large pieces of the...

Letters to the editor, March 15

Homeowner petitions township Dear friends and neighbors, my name is Samuel Debnam (age 96), with my wife, Maurice Debnam (age 94) of 73+ years we are lifelong residents and homeowners at 448 Washington Ave, in...

Letters to the editor, March 8

NJ gun laws a good start I am a gun owner and I am glad New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. We need to go further and require a...

Letters to the editor, March 1

Protecting our school children and teachers Having graduated from both the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and the U.S. Secret Service Dignitary Protection School in Washington, D.C., I offer the following information. The U.S. Secret Service...

Letters to the editor, Feb. 22

Keeping our schools safe Editor’s note: This was originally written as a letter to parents from Barbara Pinsak, interim superintendent of the Montclair Public Schools: we went to sleep thinking about yet another community that...

Letters to the editor, Feb. 15

Findings: 42 pedestrians injured by vehicles in 2017 Forty-two pedestrians were hit and injured by vehicles in Montclair in 2017, including a fatality on Grove Street. Despite quite a few safety improvements, like Rapid Flashing...

Letters to the editor, Feb. 8

Preserve life The survival of the human species is very important to me. The president’s statement about nuclear weapons — “If we have them, why not use them?” — is terrifying. The latest bombs could...

Letters to the editor, Feb. 1

Who will buy my house? I’m hoping one of you will buy my house. The appraisers just told me that it’s worth over half a million dollars, and soon I will be paying almost $16,000...

Letters to the editor, Jan. 25

Winter gardening I hope folks will come to my vegetable garden at 56 Gordonhurst Ave., Montclair, from 10:30 to 11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 3, to see how I raise most of my family’s vegetables year-round...

Letters to the editor, Jan. 18

Township worker shows courtesy I would like to compliment an employee of Montclair Township. My Christmas tree was picked up this past week. There were three ornaments left on the tree. This employee took the...

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