Montclair approves new affordable housing administrator

By Kelly Nicholaides for Montclair Local The Montclair Mayor and Council approved an $18,900 contract on Sept. 4 with Community Grants, Planning & Housing LLC to serve as an administrative agency for Montclair’s affordable housing stock. The...

Montclair gets revenue increase with new arena contract

The township will get a small increase this year, from 5 to 6 percent, in gross revenue collection from Clary Anderson Arena, in accordance with a contract awarded on Aug. 28.

Tax bills are due: Some win, some lose with new property assessments

Tax bills reflecting the new assessments went out to residents in August.
loan now grant

Affordable housing down-payment loan is now a grant

By Tina Pappas for Montclair Local Future home buyers who now purchase affordable housing units administered through the township will not have to pay back a loan offered to help with down payments. The loan, now a...
liquor license

Population increase means another liquor license for Montclair

After years of teetering on the brink, Montclair’s population has surpassed 39,000, and with that growth comes a new liquor license that could earn millions of dollars for the township.
parking spots

Compromise: Edgemont could get 6 parking spots in response to senior outcry

The park house at Edgemont Memorial Park will get six new parking spaces after seniors lobbied the town over the lack of parking with the new configuration of the driveway and loss of the parking area.
new citizens

New citizens welcomed in Montclair

Twenty-nine area residents from 17 different countries became U.S. citizens last Friday at Montcalir Art Museum.
water sewer

Why your sewer bill is higher, but water is the same

While water rates stayed flat for 2018, sewer rates went up this year for Montclair households.
animal shelter

Animal Shelter up and running two years after fire

By Jaimie Julia Winters As volunteers help with cat adoptions, Liz Morgan opens up the door to the kennels and in a firm, yet gentle voice yells quiet! The barking immediately ceases. Two years ago...
train sheds

Petition started to save Lackawanna train sheds

By Jaimie Julia Winters A petition to save the Lackawanna Train Station train sheds to be re-purposed as a supermarket has been started on PlanetCivic. The mixed-use project, almost four years in the making, would transform...