age in place

Washington Street subdivision gets approval on second try

The planning board approved a subdivision to a single-family lot on Washington Avenue Monday night, contending it would be keeping with the “rhythm” of the neighborhood, which is filled with similar-sized lots.

Montclair floods cause massive damage

By ERIN ROLL Residents spent the early part of the week recovering from a flash flood that left basements deluged and cars stranded throughout the township over the weekend. A fast-moving storm deposited up to...

Montclair juvenile arrested after police chase through Newark

Two 17-year-old males from Montclair and East Orange were arrested Friday, Aug. 10, after crashing a stolen vehicle.
Fancy facades

Fancy facades maintained, resurrected on Bloomfield

Building owner finds owls under siding. Montclair Savings building to be maintained.
civil rights

Report: 10 civil rights complaints in three years

Ten civil rights complaints have been filed with U.S. Department of Education against Montclair schools over the past three and a half years, according to a June report by ProPubica.
lunch program debt

What’s the cure for Montclair’s lunch program debt?

By Erin Roll The Montclair School District is looking for a fix to a persistent deficit in its school meal program, which in the 2016-17 school year resulted in a nearly a $225,000 loss. Although...
student lunch debt

Montclair school district not alone in student lunch debt

Seventy-six percent of school districts throughout the U.S. report having unpaid meal debt by students. Montclair closed out its school year with students owing the district $100,000 in lunch debt.
national night

PHOTOS: Montclair celebrates National Night Out

National Night Out was held in Montclair on Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Interim principal found for Montclair High School

Terry Trigg-Scales, a former Montclair schools administrator, will be the interim principal of the high school.
newish plans

Developers unveil newish vision for train platforms at Lackawanna

Developers presented another plan for the Lackawanna Plaza lot to the planning board Monday night, incorporating the steel stanchions of the train platforms into a glass facade on the front of a proposed supermarket and as decorative fixtures throughout the parking lot, while a historian for the developer testified that the train platforms had lost their historical value due to previous alterations.