Obituary: Joan Juengling

Joan Juengling, a beloved 28 year old passed away on Nov, 13, 2018. Born in Paterson, raised in Clifton and Lake Stockholm, she resided...
cleaner energy

Cleaner energy in 2019? Energy aggregation puts off going to bid

By Jaimie Julia Winters The government energy aggregation Montclair joined over the summer, part of an effort to seek cleaner energy at lower rates, will...

Move over, Italy: Gelotti of Montclair takes the grand prize

Michael Guerriero, owner and ice cream maker of Gelotti, won the Grand Prize at the Gelato Festival with his blueberry basil.

Volunteer Spotlight: Allison Sargent finds blessings in helping the needy

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Allison H. Sargent, 63, of Montclair, volunteers an average of three hours a week, when not in peak times, for the...

History and heritage: John Rudd, one of Montclair’s leading lights

John Herman Rudd was a successful businessman, who helped make Montclair great. He was named “businessman of the year” by the State Assembly in 1982.

Recipe of the Month: Salmon for the season from Zeugma Mediterranean Grill

Salmon is perfect for any season, writes Steven DeSalvo. Here's a recipe from Zeugma Mediterranean Grill.

Photos: Montclair monsters dressed to kill, or trick-or-treat

Montclair's mini-monsters dressed to kill, or at least trick-or-treat.
electric car charging

Need a recharge? Township leading area in number of car charging spots

By Wilma Hurwitz for Montclair Local There’s a revolution in transportation happening right in front of our eyes – new plug-in cars that spew out no...
hearing aids

Group helps seniors hear again at no cost

By Wilma Hurwitz for Montclair Local Thousands of seniors are in need of hearing aids, but many go without, finding the average cost of $2,500 per...

Montclair Local Pet of the Week: Nayla

Nayla is a gorgeous, green eyed girl could be your new best feline friend. She's playful and polite, and just over a year old....