Montclair lives in ‘Cheaper’: Peter Gilbreth on his famous family

"Cheaper by the Dozen" is Montclairs first Community Read. The book includes references to Nishuane school, the Wellmont, and more. Peter Gilbreth talks about his famous family.
Chesil Beach

MFF: Young love wakes; love hurts ‘On Chesil Beach’

Melissa D. Sullivan, a columnist for "All Write Now," reflects on the book/film journey of Ian McEwan's "On Chesil Beach."

All Write Now: Facing the Blank Page

Steph Auteri offers tips on overcoming fear of a blank page.

Montclair Literary Festival: so hard to choose

Reporter Erin Roll went to the Montclair Literary Festival and found it hard to choose where to go.

Montclair Literary Festival: Anna Quindlen says ‘Writing is an exercise in confidence’

This year's Montclair Literary Festival doubled its attendance from last year. A wrap-up, and recap of Anna Quindlen talk.

Culture in brief: ‘Tooth Fairies and Jetpacks’ comes to Montclair

Tooth fairies are really engineers: at least they are in "Tooth Fairies and Jetpacks." The author and illustrator are coming to town!

Montclair Literary Festival: readings, panels and workshops (oh, my)

Readings by high profile writers, workshops and panels are all part of the Montclair Literary Festival, which runs through Sunday.
Meg Wolitzer

Montclair Literary Festival: Meg Wolitzer in full bloom

Meg Wolitzer will discuss her new book during the Montclair Literary Festival.
Montclair Literary Festival

Montclair Literary Festival: Second time’s the charm

There's no sophomore slump for the second outing of the Montclair Literary Festival, which begins on March 15.