Dan Reynolds

MFF: Mormon Dan Reynolds sings for love of all kinds

A straight Mormon singer reaches out to LGBT community in "Believer."

MFF: Top picks for the second weekend

We can't cover everything: here are some fascinating things we couldn't preview, in Montclair Film Festival this weekend.

MFF: Mr. Rogers in ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ shows authentic kindness

Mr. Rogers had a personal relationship with every child who watched his show, says producer Christopher Ma.
Tre Maison Dasan

MFF: Tre Maison Dasan looks at how families feel imprisoned with parents

When parents go to prison, the whole family's in jail.

MFF: ‘Love is elastic,’ report on festival opening

Montclair Film Festival connected audiences and filmmakers at the opening on Thursday, April 26.
Bad Reputation

MFF: The story of Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation

A film biography of Joan Jett shown at MFF shows the difficulty of being a female hard rocker.
Chesil Beach

MFF: Young love wakes; love hurts ‘On Chesil Beach’

Melissa D. Sullivan, a columnist for "All Write Now," reflects on the book/film journey of Ian McEwan's "On Chesil Beach."

MFF: Bobby Kennedy, following a noble profession

Bobby Kennedy was an important figure in the Civil Rights movement, Dawn Porter discovered. A four part series on Bobby Kennedy begins.
Made in Montclair

MFF: hometown heroes, ‘Made in Montclair’

"Made in Montclair" films MFF in show breadth of subjects and styles.