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Montclair film: fun, funny, fundraising on Red Nose Day

By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.news Abbot and Costello. Laurel and Hardy. The Blues Brothers. French and Saunders. Parker Bowles and Hall. Who? Luke Parker Bowles, board officer of Montclair Film, and Tom Hall, executive director of Montclair Film, banter and bounce jokes off...

Montclair Film Festival winds down with Cinema 505 party

    By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.news   The Montclair Film Festival had its closing night with a housewarming party of sorts. At the end-of-festival filmmakers’ party at Cinema 505, it was a packed house: “cheek by jowl,” as Executive Director...

Montclair Film Festival: Truth is difficult- awards presented

By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.news There was a theme at the Jury Award presentation Saturday night: truth-telling is more important than ever. The awards ceremony was held at MFF’s new home, Cinema505, The Investors Bank Film & Media...

Unreal TV? Montclair’s Fresco da Franco to be on ‘Help My Yelp’

' Help My Yelp' Season one, episode six: “Italian Intervention” Host Monti Carlo vists Fresco da Franco and owner Franco Porporino Jr. May 15, 10 p.m., the Food Network Fresco da Franco is at 15 Church St. frescoonchurch.com, 973-337-5100 By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.news Franco...

Bill Nye, Stephen Colbert talk science (and other stuff)

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.news Right before the screening of “Bill Nye: Science Guy,” two familiar-looking men walked into the Wellmont Theater from a side backstage door, and the audience erupted in cheers. One was Montclair’s own Stephen...

Montclair Film Festival: singing and fighting together

By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.news Montclair Film Festival Artistic Director Tom Hall introduced “Band Aid” on Saturday night at the Wellmont by saying that he’d seen the film at Sundance, and had just stopped laughing. Zoe Lister-Jones’ film...

Montclair Film Festival announces jury awards

The Montclair Film Festival has released its 2017 juried awards. Most of the awards were announced at a ceremony held on Saturday evening at MFF’s  new home, The Investors Bank Film & Media Center. ...

’13 Reasons Why’ sets off discussion of suicide, mental health

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.news The Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” is setting off a discussion about suicide, sexual assault, bullying and mental health in high schools across the country, including in Montclair. Andrew Evangelista is one of...

MFF: Telling truth from lies

By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.news “I don’t understand why there isn’t a niche for smart people,” Joe Klein said sadly on Sunday at Montclair Kimberley Academy, during the panel discussion “True or False? Reporting in the Age...

MFF: ‘Sacred’ explores spirituality around the world

By Antoinette Martin For Montclair Local “Sacred,” a documentary on religious practices and rituals around the world provided Montclair Film Festival goers with an intimate look into spiritual life – and a surprising new take on...

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